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Quentin "Q" Moss

Maintenance Production Manager


     Born and raised in Baltimore, MD, Quentin Moss began learning about lawn maintenance by mowing lawns in his neighborhood.  He quickly found a passion for landscaping and found it very rewarding because he saw instant results and every day brought a satisfied client.  

     Q started as an entry level employee at Earthscapes back in 2016.  Through hard work and dedication, he quickly worked his way up to Production Manager.  Being dependable, professional, and performing high-quality work remains the top priorities for Quentin.  As does equipping the employees with motivation, support, and guidance.  

     With over twenty years in the landscape industry, he’s the secret sauce for client satisfaction, providing quality, and cost-effective services.  A strong believer in the power of hard work and positive thinking in the workplace.  He enjoys spending quality time with his family, traveling and Baltimore Ravens games.

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