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Ben Wilkerson

Agronomics Division Manager


Ben began his landscape career in 1995 after serving in the Coast Guard as a Marine Science Technician.  He studied Horticulture at TCC and received a Virginia Commercial Pesticide Applicator's License in 1998.  Ben has also obtained the equivalent licenses in North Carolina, Tennessee and Florida. Assisting in the construction of Heron Ridge Golf Course is one of the earlier jobs  Ben's experience in his landscaping career that has expanded over 20 years. Ben is currently the Agronomic Manager/Account Manager at Earthscapes.  Other roles during his career include Branch Manager, Field Manager, Operations Manager, Safety Manager and Spray Technician.  Ben obtained a Bachelors degree in IT with a minor in Project Management.  When not working, Ben enjoys traveling, hiking, golf and warm weather beaches. 

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