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Jeff Potts

Landscape Designer

Purchasing Manager


Jeff spent 8 years in the military,  as a medical lab tech and received an Associates in Science degree from George Washington University in the process. Jeff seperated from the military in 2006, as an Anatomical Lab Tech and Autopsy Tech. After leaving the army, he spent over 10 years off-grid in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC, learning a raft of homesteading skills, with a primary focus on sustainable horticulture practices and designing living systems. During that time, he received training in permaculture, nursery operations, and soil microscopy. In 2016, Jeff started a small consulting business in Black Mountain, NC (Medible Gardens) designing and building edible forest gardens and custom landscapes using regenerative principles. Soon after, Jeff began incorporating hardscape elements into his designs and eventually learned to digitally render his designs. Jeff is currently working on his soil microscopy, lab tech certification through Dr. Elaine Ingham's Soil Food Web School. When he's not working, you'll usually find Jeff wandering in the forest, foraging wild mushrooms and other edibles, or with his face buried in a microscope studying soil biology.

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